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Dear Masters, Instructors, Presidents and Coaches, Dear friends! 

We invite you to participate in the European Challenge TKD Tournament “Baltic Amber Cup 2018”, which will be held 10th – 11th of November 2018 in the Capital of Latvia in Riga.

It will be beautiful time to visit our country, when Latvia is on the eve of the celebration the 100th Anniversary of Independence. This event coincided with an equally important event for our Taekwon-do family - the 100th Anniversary of the Founder of ITF and Father of Taekwon-do Gen. Choi Hong Hi.

The Baltic Amber Cup 2018 is the part of the Calendar of Sports Events of the Riga and we supported by Riga City Council & Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga.

We wish you a pleasant stay in our capital - Riga, in the jubilee year of the Centennial of Latvia!

We will waiting for you in Riga!


Master Vjacheslav Semenkov

Head of Organizing Committee

President of Latvian Taekwon-do Federation